A 300-Year-Old Secret Unveiled

Climb the marble steps that Jesus once did, or that's what they say, after nearly 300 years
Artwork at the Scala Sancta
Artwork at the Scala Sancta

A trip to the Vatican has just become even more worth it. Get ready to experience a once-in-a-lifetime Catholic relic at the capital of Christianity. The Vatican is all set to display its holy stairs for the first time in over three centuries. Believed to have been walked up by Jesus before his judgement at the hands of Pontius Pilate, the Scala Sancta (the stairway's name in Latin) is said to have been stained by Jesus's blood when he was crucified. 

Finally opening to the public after going through a year-long restoration process, pilgrims will get the chance to ascend the 'Scala Sancta', once again. The protective wooden casing have been temporarily removed, or until July when the 28 marble steps are covered up again. The last time devout pilgrims ascended the marble stairs without the protective wooden covering was over three centuries ago

It is said that Jesus had once walked on the stairs carrying his cross towards his crucifixion spot. 

Now, tourists will be able to keenly observe the piece of history and also enjoy the enigmatic and newly restored frescoes that embellish the walls and ceilings of the surrounding complex. The 28-step relic was taken from Pontius Pilate's home in Jerusalem several centuries ago and brought to Rome by St. Helena, the mother of Roman emperor Constantine after she converted to Christianity. However, some historians believe these stairs to be a replica of the original. 

The stairs will be 'bare' till June 9 so, better book your tickets right away. 

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