Get To Know Wellness The Naad Way

With festivals around us, who doesn't want some pampering time Head to Naad Wellness for their special Healing Series
Yoga at Naad
Yoga at Naad

Immerse yourself in naturopathy, ayurveda and yoga all at once, by taking advantage of &lsquoThe Healing Series&rsquo by Naad Wellness in New Delhi. The packages surround two occasions&mdashHoli (March 29&ndashApril 3, 2019) and Baisakhi (April 19&ndash24, 2019). As part of them, you can participate in sessions on meditation, chakra affirmation, colour therapy, art therapy, and chanting, among others. Prepare to discover a better you. From @INR49,000 for three nights. For more information, visit Naad Wellness 


The Naad Experience
This programme will teach you how to establish a healthy and vibrant life, give you a guide to a healthy lifestyle. They believe in making wellness a life mantra.

This programme focusses on improving body's metabolism by means of thorough cleansing (metabolic waste) and providing the right nourishment to the skin. 

De-Stress At Naad
With yoga, healthy diet and meditation, this packages aims at restoring health and energy in the body.

Detox at Naad
This package is a carefully curated one that involves customised treatments and therapies, diet and wellness activities, according to what your body needs. It focusses on detoxing the mind, body and soul.

Weight Management
This package contains the age-old techniques of weight loss and wellness. This is especially for issues related to obesity and eating disorders.

The India Experience
Where else would you get the best of Ayurveda In India, right This package consists of various ancient vedic healing  treatments to restore sensory balance. This package is also a customised one, just what suits you the best. 

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