Pompeii Museum Reopens with Exquisite Finds

The museum displaying the history of Pompeii has been reconstructed
Archaeological findings from the excavation site of Pompeiis ruins
Archaeological findings from the excavation site of Pompeiis ruins

Pompeii is all set to experience a rebirth through Antiquarium, a museum that will exhibit the life and times of the ancient city.

Exhibits include frescoed walls, graffiti unearthed during archaeological surveys, as well as household objects and other items that date back to the volcanic eruption that destroyed the city. The displays include objects deformed by the heat of the volcanic eruption, casts of victims and animals,&nbspand a menu on the day Pompeii was destroyed.

The museum first opened in 1873, but World War II bombings led to heavy damages. It was reconstructed in 1980, and faced a deadly earthquake that very year. While it was closed for several years, the Antiquarium was opened in 2016 as a place for temporary exhibitions.

After being fully reconstructed, the museum now stands as the display of Pompeii&rsquos rich history as a settlement.  

It is temporarily open only to residents of Italy&rsquos Campania region due to the pandemic.

Tickets for visiting the Antiquarium will soon be available to tourists when travel resumes in Italy.

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