Will You Spend a Week on an Isolated Island Watching Movies

A Swedish film festival is giving one true cinema fan a chance to experience movies for a week without any human interferenceon the windswept Island of Pater Noster
The storied island of Pater Noster
The storied island of Pater Noster

Call it an extreme socially distanced adventure trip or a cinema lover&rsquos weeklong paradise, Sweden&rsquos G&oumlteborg Film Festival is coming with an incredible offer for movie buffs from across the world. With special arrangements made at the Island of Pater Noster, the selected fan will receive a free stay at its newly renovated lighthouse and be given movies to watch for an entire week.

Like always, there are two conditions to this thriller of a deal. First, the person has to spend all seven days without a cellphone, a book or any other distraction, and second, they have to be a real cinema lover at heart. We couldn't get enough of the country's incredible isolated cabins as it is, so this is going to blow to roof off.

As a part of the &lsquoIsolated Cinema&rsquo experience, the chosen movie fan will be transported by boat to the island, provided with sufficient food supplies, assured a comfortable stay, and be allowed to keep a video diary documenting their out-of-the-world experience that viewers from across the sea would follow. The said lighthouse is said to be "perched at the very edge of the archipelago in one of Sweden&rsquos most barren, windswept locations".

For security reasons, the tourist will not be completely isolated&mdashthere will be another human on the island, but they will keep their distance, in keeping with the festival theme this year, Social Distances.

To apply for this cinema trip, interested people are required to send an email to the festival authorities in which they introduce themselves and state their reason to be selected for the expedition. The last date to apply is January 17, 2021.&nbspG&oumlteborg is the leading film festival in all of Scandinavia.

Meanwhile, all movie lovers from the world are invited to attend the online G&oumlteborg Film Festival and celebrate good films from the comfort of their homes. Inspired by how people have been using films to find comfort during the pandemic, the G&oumlteborg Film Festival is also arranging for isolated cinema experiences at a deserted stadium and an empty theatre.

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