The landscape of Vagli Sotto with the dam on Lake Vagli
The landscape of Vagli Sotto with the dam on Lake Vagli

Submerged Italian Village May Reappear Soon

Within the depths of Italian waters lies a submerged village

Otherwise known for its lush landscapes and serene setting, Tuscany in central Italy is also home to an abandoned village hidden under&nbspthe depths of Lake Vagli.   

The Italian village of Fabbriche di Careggine, in the Lucca province of Tuscany, was flooded in the 1940s and abandoned in 1947. Located close to the man-made Lake Vagli, the inhabited cluster was vacated after a dam was constructed on the local river Edron, leading to the flooding of the lake. The dam was built to provide hydroelectric power. 

The lake since then has been drained only four times, in the years 1958, 1974, 1983 and 1994. However, chances are that the draining process might happen again, fairly soon. According to reports, the lake will be emptied to reveal the ghost town submerged beneath the water (at precisely 35 metric cubes). The activity is likely to take place in 2021, according to a statement by the organisation that owns the dam, Enel. However, the cleaning and draining of the lake is only a proposal and no official dates have been announced yet. 

The idea to drain the lake comes as an effort to boost tourism, with a unique opportunity to visit the ghost town which otherwise remains hidden underwater.

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