The Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai
The Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai

5 Events To Bookmark In June At Mumbai's CSMVS

From viewing one of the largest European art collections in India to exhibitions that showcase food's ability to connect and bring people together, Mumbai's CSMVS has a lot to offer in June

The 101-year-old Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS), formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, is one of India's best and foremost art and history museums. The Grade I Heritage Building is a UNESCO World Heritage site, part of the Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensemble in Mumbai, and a recipient of the 2022 Award of Excellence of the UNESCO Asia Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. It has various programmes scheduled throughout June that are worth a look. 

Aboard the Spaceship

Children will find this exhibition particularly fascinating. It takes you on a journey of discovery, from ancient times to the present, to see how connected we are to space and learn about our closest celestial body, the moon. We may live at different places on the earth but the sky above us is the same. The changing colours of the sky, the phases of the moon, planets and stars that mysteriously appear and disappear have sparked our curiosity. The desire to solve nature&rsquos mysteries right since ancient times has led to many innovations in science and the arts.

Timings 1015 am to 6 pm. On till June 15. 

Savouring Connections

Food is a unifying factor, an extension of ancient history, personal identity, and a shared bond for everybody. 'Savouring Connections How Food Brings People Together' is an exhibition that highlights food's capacity to connect and bring people together in a variety of ways. 

Timings 1015 am to 6 pm. On till July 31. 

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Rhizome - Tracing Ecocultural Identities, curated by Jesal Thacker, exhibits fourteen contemporary artists' site-specific 'inscapes' as their individual responses to specific museum artefacts, iconography, and aesthetics. The site-specific 'inscapes' promote methods to relook at the rhizomatic links as well as the disparity and discord rising due to variations in perception as interventions extend throughout museum galleries and settings. Rhizome seeks to identify the ecological entwinement inside culture, modern ethos, and philosophical core, which organically reflects in its cognitive processes as a 'continua'.

Masters A Glimpse Of European Arts Collection

The CSMVS's collection of European paintings is one of the largest and most important in India. This collection includes masterpieces from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, as well as some Victorian specimens. These paintings from the British, Italian, French, Dutch, and Flemish schools cover genres such as individuals and portraits, historical paintings, religious and mythical stories, scenes from daily life, and landscapes. The Tata brothers, Sir Ratan and Sir Dorab Tata, kindly presented this outstanding collection to the Museum in 1922 and 1933, respectively.

Timings 1015 am to 6 pm.

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The Information

The entry fee is&nbspRs 150 (above 15 years of age). Includes museum entry and complimentary mobile photo pass. It is Rs 200 for an added audio guide. 

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