Mughal-Era Coins Discovered in UP All You Need To Know

As many as 400 coins belonging to the Mughal dynasty have been unearthed in UP
Representative image, Photo Credit Shutterstock
Representative image, Photo Credit Shutterstock

At a time when digital payments have made their way into households and cash has become less common, a village in Uttar Pradesh discovered coins from the Mughal-era. Reports suggest that as many as 400 coins belonging to the Mughal dynasty have been unearthed at a temple in Saharanpur. 

Officials said the coins were found by labourers while digging soil at Sati Dham temple in Hussainpur village. Upon receiving news of discovering coins from the Mughal-era, the police took possession of the valuable artefacts. Superintendent of Police, Sagar Jain, said the labourers stumbled upon the coins while erecting a wall at the temple.

The coins have been sourced to the Mughal period because of their Arabic inscriptions. Reports suggest that the coins&rsquo origin was confirmed after they were taken into custody, which revealed that the inscriptions used were in Arabic. 

All about the 400 coins

The origin of the coins has been traced back to around 350 years. They reportedly weigh over 11 grams, and their market value has been priced at at INR 3,500.&nbspThe coins will be sent to the archaeological department to ascertain the metal used in them. 

Similar coins discovered in MP

Earlier this year, square-shaped coins from the Mughal-era were discovered at a construction site in Madhya Pradesh&rsquos Damoh. The coins reportedly had their origins in the early 14th and 15th centuries.

A preliminary assessment by the archaeological department revealed that the coins were made of bronze, silver and copper. Interestingly, reports suggest that these coins were used as &lsquomohar&rsquo (seals) during the reign of Mughals.

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