These Are The Most Budget-Friendly European Cities, Says Survey

Planning a trip to Europe, but on a tight budget A recent survey by a UK organisation may help you plan out your holiday
Lisbon is the most budget-friendly city in Europe           Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons
Lisbon is the most budget-friendly city in Europe Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons

An annual travel survey in the UK that looked at average visitor costs in 35 European locations. And Lisbon has surpassed traditional budget-friendly eastern European cities to become the best-value city break destination on the continent. The survey done by the UK's&nbspPost Office Travel Money City Costs Barometer, puts the Portuguese capital in first place, followed by Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, Krakow (third) and Athens (fourth).

The survey's key findings 

  • Lisbon in Portugal has emerged as the best value European city, with prices only 2% up on last year&rsquos levels &ndash a far smaller increase than for most of the cities surveyed
  • It narrowly beat Vilnius (just 25p more expensive) into second place, with accommodation costs higher in the Lithuanian capital
  • Lisbon has outperformed all Eastern European cities that have traditionally dominated the top places in the barometer
  • Athens drops from 1st to 4th place, joining Lisbon, Porto (6th) and Lille (10th) as four Western European cities breaking the stranglehold of Eastern cities in the top 10. That said, there are still six Eastern European cities &ndash Vilnius, Krakow, Riga, Zagreb, Budapest and Warsaw &ndash in the best-value top 10
  • Amsterdam and Venice are again rated the priciest in Europe for a city break, particularly due to high accommodation costs
  • Paris, Barcelona, London, Rome, Edinburgh, Madrid, Dublin and Berlin are also among the most expensive cities in Europ

According to the survey, the lowest-priced accommodation was in the following cities Lisbon, Portugal &pound121 Athens, Greece &pound128 Vilnius, Lithuania &pound128 Krakow, Poland &pound130 and Riga, Latvia &pound147. The highest-priced accommodation were found in the following cities  Amsterdam, The Netherlands &pound525 Venice, Italy &pound480 Dublin, Republic of Ireland &pound448 Florence, Italy &pound402 and Belfast, Northern Ireland &pound392. 

The survey also found that the highest costs while eating out were incurred in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Austria and Geneva. 

The Post Office City Costs Barometer 2023 survey is based on early May exchange rates. The information was either given by tourist offices, or got through online research. Also, sites such as and were sources for&nbsptwo-night accommodation prices.

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