India Emerges as Largest Source Market for Outbound Travel in Asia

Despite Pandemic, India logs impressive recovery, surpasses China, South Korea and Japan in outbound travel
A take-off. Credits Shutterstock
A take-off. Credits Shutterstock

According to a recent report by IPK International published at ITB Berlin 2024, India has emerged as the largest source market for outbound travelers in Asia in 2022. The report indicates an impressive year-on-year rise of 190%, indicating a significant recovery from the impact of the pandemic. Despite the ongoing travel restrictions, India recorded slightly more than half of the travel volume achieved in 2019.

In 2022, India's outbound travel market surpassed those of China, South Korea, and Japan, ranking fifth behind Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and China in 2019. The report states that India accounted for around ten million foreign trips, making it the leading Asian source market for outbound travel.

Dubai, the USA, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore are the top destinations for Indian travelers, with 70% of travelers undertaking trips within Asia. The report also predicts that Indian travelers' interest in going abroad for trips will continue in 2023.

On average, Indian travelers spent 235 euros per person per night on foreign trips, covering all costs, including transport, accommodation, catering, and shopping. The report notes that holiday trips registered an above-average year-on-year increase of 64%, while business trips accounted for a quarter of foreign travel, and other outbound private trips comprised around 10%.

India's impressive rebound as a source market for outbound travel in Asia is a positive sign for the tourism industry, indicating a pent-up demand for travel. With a variety of popular destinations to choose from and increased spending power, Indian travelers are expected to continue exploring the world.

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