You Might Now Get Your Schengen Visa Digitally

Applying for a Schengen Visa could soon happen from the comfort of your home
Now procuring a Schengen Visa could be done from your couch
Now procuring a Schengen Visa could be done from your couch

With the latest news regarding the Schengen Visa process making a buzz, it's going to be a lot more convenient for travellers soon. The European Union member states' ambassadors have given the green light to negotiate a proposal to digitise the visa procedure, allowing travellers to apply for a visa online instead of going to the consulate in person.

What Will It Mean

This change was first proposed in April 2022, and it looks like it's finally going to happen. If it does, the current visa sticker will be replaced with a digital visa, which is much safer and will prevent the falsification of documents and theft of visa stickers. The new process will also be much more efficient and convenient for travellers, as they won't have to make multiple trips to the consulate.

How Will it Change the Process

The digital process will have a common online platform (website) where you can apply for a Schengen visa. You'll need to upload all necessary documents and pay the visa fees, and the platform will forward your online application to the relevant national visa system on its own. If you're visiting several Schengen countries, the platform will automatically identify the country responsible for examining the application (or you can indicate if the application needs to be processed by a specific member state). The decision regarding whether or not your visa is approved will also be communicated to you electronically.

Who Is This Valid For

However, there are still some instances where you'll need to make an in-person appearance, such as if you're a first-time applicant or your biometric information has expired. If all goes to plan, this new digital process will make travelling a lot easier in the future

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