Aloha One More Reason for a Hawaii Holiday

The US island-state has been declared the rainbow capital of the world by a study
Hawaii experiences the best rainbows
Hawaii experiences the best rainbows
Get your Tropic Thunder and 50 First Dates DVDs out to dust off, for after what we tell you, you'd feel like flying over Europe, crossing the Atlantic and rushing to the US tropics right away&mdashand you know you can't right now.
Hawaii, the land of cumulus clouds, trade winds, clean air and pristine mountains&mdashall of which contribute to the regular appearances of the natural phenomenon&mdashwas recently declared the rainbow capital of the world by a report called The Secrets of the Best Rainbows on the Earth.
Hawaii indeed experiences some of the best rainbows on Earth, and its geographical features, rainfall and wind conditions make it very conducive for the occurrence of the natural phenomenon. In fact, only in March, an atmospheric&nbspscientist at Manoa's University of Hawaii announced an app that sends rainbow alerts.
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Rainbows are also central to Hawaiian culture, language and lore, with there being different words in Hawaiian for rainbows that are closer to the ground, rainbows that stand like shafts, very faintly visible rainbows and moonbows. Whenever you travel there next, don't forget to capture them all with your camera.
Hawaii currently requires a negative COVID-19 test report and undergoing a testing program or a 10-day quarantine for inbound travellers. Check before you travel any time in the future.

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