2022 A Space Odyssey

In the worlds first spaceship for tourists, passengers will be able to strap themselves into tailor-made seats with a view of the Earth from their windows
Cabin windows will offer breathtaking views
Cabin windows will offer breathtaking views

If all goes as planned, we may soon be able to travel to space. Richard Branson&rsquos Virgin Galactic, an American spaceflight company, plans to take tourists on a 90-minute trip beyond the Earth on its VSS Unity&rsquos passenger cabin. The company recently released a virtual tour of the cabin that has been designed for space travel.

As the spaceship ascends to about 97km from the surface of our planet, tourists will be able to enjoy magnificent views from large circular porthole windows. The cabin can accommodate six passengers and a two-member crew. All seats have been adjusted to suit every person&rsquos height and weight. A personal and well-integrated communication system will also give each passenger direct access to the space pilots.

People on board will not be permitted to carry smartphones since they tend to float in the absence of gravitational force and might hurt a passenger. Talking to a news daily, Virgin Galactic&rsquos Chief Space Officer George Whitesides said that 16 cameras have been fitted around the cabin to take pictures for passengers. Videos will be recorded by two more cameras. They have been set in place to compensate for smartphones with cameras.

Moreover, Whitesides said that passengers will be able to remove their harness and float in the cabin up to a permissible point in the flight. Soft furnishings and grips have been fitted for comfort and to prevent any injuries.

Due to technical checks, plans to take off have been postponed until 2022. Till now, it has been reported that 60 people have signed up for the space trip. The cost of a ticket is $250,000. The spacecraft is intended to take off from Virgin Galactic&rsquos spaceport in New Mexico.

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