Singapores Changi Airport gets a Special Bubble for Business Travellers

Safety measures, PCR tests, new methods of business... Singapore is putting in place several protocols for business travel
Changi Airport has established new protocols
Changi Airport has established new protocols

Changi Airport has established new protocols wherein business travellers can avoid a 14-day quarantine by living inside a bubble, and be able to meet office deadlines.

Here's how it will work. Once a business traveller arrives at the airport, they will undergo a COVID-19 test and then they cannot leave the premises of the airport. They have to live inside a retreat to curb the spread of the virus. All business facilities and services will be available at these bubble homes. 

The city has opened applications to the Connect@Changi programme which is set to run from next month. It will also boost the economy that suffered mainly from the loss of industries such as aviation, tourism and hospitality.

The initiative aims to control the spread of the virus, and at the same time allow businesses to run normally.

The World Economic Forum will be held later this year and Singapore will accommodate the guests in 150 guestrooms, 40 meeting rooms, rising to 660 and 170. After the success of the first phase, the next phase can hold up to 13,000 business travellers from across the globe.

Singapore has been working relentlessly to open borders, establish green lanes, and special travel facilities in partnership with other countries.

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