It's Written in the Stars in Jaipur

The Pink City is now offering astro tourism tours. Here's what you need to know
Astro Tourism Introduced in Jaipur
Astro Tourism Introduced in Jaipur

Looking up to see a sky full of stars is a much-coveted luxury in the dust-laden metro cities that most of us find ourselves in. In order to combat this, many have bought home telescopes and designed numerous apps to recreate a fraction of the experience from our rooms, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of stargazing out in the open. 

If you miss the stars, next time you are in Jaipur, you may want to sign up for a Night Sky Tourism package. The tours involve astronomy narrations by pros. The state tourism department wants to loop in monuments and schools as venues for hosting such viewing sessions. 

Viewing sessions have already been held at Jawar Kala Kendra and of course, at Jantar Mantar, a Unesco World Heritage site. An astronomical observation site, it was constructed in the early 18th century and includes a set of some 20 fixed instruments designed for the observation of astronomical positions with the naked eye. It is the most significant, most comprehensive, and the best preserved of India's historic observatories.

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