Travelling Frequently will Make you Happier Study

If you are looking to get motivated to start planning your travels, this research will give you a good push to get started on your trip to pleasure, well-being and happiness
You are likely to travel more if you plan beforehand, says study
You are likely to travel more if you plan beforehand, says study

A new study just showcased something we knew already - frequent travel makes you happy. 

The research was conducted by an assistant professor in the School of Hospitality Business Management at Washington State University. Out of the 500 participants, a little over half reported travelling more than four times for pleasure and only 7% of respondents said they do not travel at all. Those participants who reported travelling more than 75 miles away from home for their trips were also the ones who stated being happier regarding their well being in comparison to those who do not travel or travel less. 

Chen concludes that although for an individual&rsquos wellbeing and happiness, family, work and friends play a non-negotiable crucial role, travelling does play a substantial role in elevating the experience of having satisfaction in life. The travel accumulation lends to a better cycle of wanting to get out of your routine to experience and live more. 

The study will lend itself to several social media campaigns for resorts, travel companies and even airlines to promote travelling by sparking interests in people through scientific benefits of the same. 

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