Mysterious Monolith Spotted at Ahmedabads Symphony Park

The travelling monoliths, making a stir worldwide, was recently witnessed in Ahmedabad
The travelling monolith earlier spotted at Englands Isle of Wight
The travelling monolith earlier spotted at Englands Isle of Wight

Making its first appearance in India, the travelling monolith was spotted at Ahmedabad&rsquos Symphony Forest Park this week. The travelling monoliths have marked the year-end of 2020, with their surprising appearance at various locations all over the world. The monolith, described as a 6 feet tall, shiny structure, appears to be metallic, is three dimensional and has a few numbers embedded. It is being believed that the numbers on the structure are representative of nature conservation and hold some connection with the environment. 

The mystery of the first, perfectly symmetrical, shiny bar that came up in the Utah desert to the whole world&rsquos surprise, has long been solved. The 3-m-long metal column was first suspected to be the work of the late John McCracken, maverick sculptor (disproved later since McCracken had died in 2011) and then another local sculptor, who denied the charge. A popular version is that the structure was trash, dumped at Red Rock Country by a crew member on the futuristic fantasy show Westworld, as part of a prank.

There is no clarity yet, on how the monolith appeared at this park in Ahmedabad or other such monoliths appearing at various other locations, around the globe. Other locations to witness this strange structure in the past year, are Utah, the Netherlands, Colombia, Isle of Wight, San Francisco and Romania. Last spotted in San Francisco around Christmas, the monolith has appeared for the first time in India.

The mysterious monolith, as revealed recently, is the work of an artist who wishes to remain anonymous. The motive behind the appearance of these metallic monoliths worldwide is to evoke conversations around the essence of the environment and engage people witnessing it, into thinking about this artificially created geological structure. More than 30 countries have witnessed these shiny metal monoliths last year, where they were reported to appear and disappear on their own.

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