Over 50 Ancient Coffins Unveiled in Egypt

Dating back to the 26th dynasty, the coffins of priests and clerks were found at the UNESCO heritage site of Saqqara Necropolis
The land of pharaohs has ancient history written across its stretch
The land of pharaohs has ancient history written across its stretch

Scientists and archeologists have unearthed a slice of history dating back nearly 2,500 years in Egypt. 

Around 59 coffins belonging to priests and clerks from the 26th dynasty were found at the UNESCO heritage site of the vast Saqqara Necropolis.

The coloured and intact wooden coffins were buried at depths of 10-12 meters, stacked on top of each other. Alongwith them were 28 statues of the ancient Egyptian god Seker, one of the most important funeral deities. 

There will be more such discoveries as layers of additional coffins have been found. These will be unveiled later as more details come out.

Egypt&rsquos Supreme Council of Antiquities Secretary General, Mostafa al-Waziri, is of the view that these are extremely crucial specimens of relics of the ancient world which had flourished and prospered for years. The human mummies as well as the statues of deities all hint at the strong religious sentiments and funeral rituals that the Egyptians followed.

Further studies and research will be conducted over these findings and more coffins will be opened for detailed investigations before they are finally sent for public display at the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The team of archaelogists has been actively procuring samples and working at the site since 2018. Previously, a perfectly mummified body and tomb of a fifth dynasty royal priest called &lsquoWahtye&rsquo was found in the area along with a number of perfectly preserved bodies of animals. 

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