Look, it's Alice in VR-Land

Londons V&A Museum takes us on a VR immersive ride down Alices rabbit hole. Hop on
V&A museum is all set to host the event which is sure to bring back truckloads of childhood nostalgia
V&A museum is all set to host the event which is sure to bring back truckloads of childhood nostalgia

Hold on tight as our favourite childhood fantasy stories are going to get a tech makeover and become more immersive. The Victoria and Albert (V&ampA) Museum in London has launched its first-ever VR event, a preview of its anticipated upcoming show Alice Curiouser and Curiouser, with live effects that bring the mind-boggling wonders of the rabbit hole to life.

The free event will take place on October 22 at 2pm GMT. 

The 45-minute event has been created in partnership with HTC Vive Arts, producers Preloaded and VR app Engage, and will be broadcast live on the museum&rsquos YouTube channel. It's available for watching after the event.

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The entire show will happen in a digital landscape inspired by the V&ampA&rsquos environs and the landscapes and characters of Alice in Wonderland. If that is not interesting and exciting enough, the creator, illustrator Kristjana Williams, has also made it possible for participants to enter the virtual VR show as avatars and interact with each other. 

Fasten your headgears as a special tour by curator Kate Bailey also awaits you. She will take you through the exhibition&rsquos five core sections, where objects from the show will materialise in the space, and the setting will transform with live effects, such as a pool of tears and a hallway of doors.

Book the date and get ready with your VR headsets, because you cannot miss this dive into fantasy rabbit hole and live your childhood dreams all over again. This is as unimaginable as it was for Alice herself &ldquoWhen I used to read fairy tales, I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one&rdquo

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