Kevin Costner has Launched a Road Travel Audio App

Listen to actor Kevin Costner and basketball coach Phil Jackson narrate interesting titbits about the historic places along the US West Coast in a new travel audio app
Driving through a narrow forest street
Driving through a narrow forest street

&lsquoEvery place has a story. Now, every story has a place,&rsquo runs the tagline of the travel audio app co-founded by Academy award winner actor-director and musician Kevin Costner. Called &lsquoHearHere&rsquo and available for iPhone users, it is the outcome of the actor&rsquos love for history.

&ldquoHearHere is now available for those of you planning road trips on the West Coast. Download it on your iPhone and allow me and HearHere to be your companion on your next road trip,&rdquo tweeted the actor at the launch.

The app will be an interesting &lsquoroad companion&rsquo for domestic as well as international travellers as they drive along the West Coast. The short audio notes will apprise the listener about the places they are driving by, telling them about the history or other interesting titbits, including cuisine and culture. Even if you do not want to stop at a historical marker en route, at least you will know why the place is important.

&ldquoI love stories. I am the guy that stops at the historical markers along the highway - usually bringing moans from everyone in the car. But it was this continuing curiosity that I began to think HearHere could satisfy without anyone having to leave the car,&rdquo writes Costner on the HearHere blog.

Co-founder Woody Sears writes in his blog, &ldquoKevin travels from CA to Colorado with his family every year and they choose to do it by car. Kevin loves to stop at all the historical markers and share that history with his kids but the kids aren&rsquot nearly as excited about this. The kids find the historical markers dry and have a hard time relating. Now, with HearHere, they can get that history while they are in their car, told at the perfect time in their drive without even requiring a stop.&rdquo

The app has started with stories for California, Oregon, and Washington, and there are plans to expand the stories through the US. It is likely to be available for Android users in 2021. Narrators include Costner and famous basketball coach Phil Jackson.

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