7 European Nations Lift Travel Restrictions for Couples

This is a victory for the Love is Not Tourism campaigners
Love in the time of social distancing
Love in the time of social distancing

The campaign &lsquoLove is Not Tourism&rsquo is gaining new ground on a global scale. The campaigners are using hashtags such as #LoveIsEssential, #DoItLikeDenmark and #LoveIsNotTourism for attracting attention. Due to this campaign, a number of European countries are allowing travel which will reunite couples. Denmark was the first to allow this back in July.

Now, seven countries are part of this list, including Denmark, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Iceland and Switzerland. 

Switzerland was the latest to open its borders for love.

If you have a partner in Switzerland, you can enter the nation if you can provide proof of your relationship. This has been assured by the government. Even if you are not married, you can apply for this if you are in a close relationship with a Swedish person.

Unmarried couples had raised this issue after travel restrictions were relaxed, urging European nations to allow couples to be together again. The EU then asked its member states to allow unmarried persons with partners in Europe to travel. 

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