Thomas Cook Unveils Staycations

If you are looking for quick, short getaways closer home, a staycation is your best bet.
More people are opting for road trips as a new way to travel
More people are opting for road trips as a new way to travel

As the world slowly steps out of lockdown, much of the &lsquonormalcy&rsquo that we are otherwise accustomed to, is set to change. This change will be most starkly visible in the tourism industry with more and more people opting for quick, and safe, vacations closer home.

Keeping that in mind, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. has launched &lsquoStaycations&rsquo &ndash a series of mini-vacations in India that make for quick getaways closer home.

All these destinations have been carefully selected under the company&rsquos partnership with Apollo Clinics so that safety and hygiene standards can be maintained. This move makes sense as Indians are increasingly preferring drive-down holiday destinations, and all the places listed under Staycations are a short drive away from your city of residence.

The packages are reasonably priced and designed to address all kinds of safety concerns with respect to the virus. 

The choice of accommodation spans anything from resorts to colonial mansions. They are also ideal for small gatherings to celebrate special occasions with close friends and family. And a Staycation package will include gourmet food, new experiences, spa facilities and a string of exciting outdoor adventures.

Thomas Cook is not the first one to introduce such a programme aimed at making travel easier after the lockdown. With the travel industry undergoing changes due to the pandemic, travel companies are having to adapt to modified demands as well. Earlier this month, ClearTrips, another travel company, launched its new programme &lsquoTravelSafe&rsquo, which has been designed to keep the viewer updated with the latest travel news around the world.

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