Another View of New York City Coming Soon

If living the high life is your travel style, New York will soon have yet another offering up its sleeve
The Chrysler Building in New York City
The Chrysler Building in New York City

Earlier last week, New York City&rsquos Landmarks Preservation Commission unanimously approved the construction of an observation deck on the north and south terraces on the 61st floor of the iconic, Jazz-era Chrysler Building. The building&rsquos former observation deck on the 71st floor was shut in 1945.

A child of New York City&rsquos late-1920s real estate boom, the Chrysler Building was once the city, and the world&rsquos, tallest skyscraper. Zoning laws passed in the early 1900s led to New York&rsquos skyscrapers adopting unique silhouettes&mdashlike the buildings&rsquo street-side walls being set back&mdashwhich also played a role in Chrysler&rsquos now-renowned Art Deco style. In 1978, the building was designated as a New York City landmark, which meant that any exterior construction needed to be approved by the city&rsquos Landmarks Preservation Commission.

In 2018, the Chrysler building changed ownership for a modest $150 million and new owner Aby Rosen announced plans to restore the building to its former glory. The plans for this observation deck come just a few months after Hudson Yards unveiled the highest outdoor observatory in the western hemisphere, called the Edge.

While the city is still under considerable restrictions, the timeline for the project has not been released. The north and south terraces, however, will need to be revamped with new glass panels to replace the current metal handrails. This project will considerably open the building up to tourists because, until now, Chrysler functioned as little more than an office building.

We don&rsquot know about you, but we&rsquore certainly excited about getting to experience the sprawling city of New York from atop yet another of its iconic buildings. The Chrysler Building is currently the world&rsquos 11th tallest building.

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