Studio Ghibli Is Offering A Virtual Tour Of Its Whimsical Museum

The museum follows a strict no-photography policy, making these video snippets all the more intriguing
Studio Ghibli Museum sign
Studio Ghibli Museum sign

If you have seen the animated film My Neighbour Totoro, then you already know about Studio Ghibli. Founded by critically acclaimed Japanese animator and director Hayao Miyazaki along with Toshio Suzuki, Isao Takahata and Yasuyoshi Tokuma, this iconic Japanese animation house is known for delivering several classics like Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies, Ponyo, and Castle in the Sky.

Studio Ghibli also hosts a pretty museum in Mitaka, Tokyo which features various anime-related possessions. But, like every other museum in the world, Studio Ghibli Museum&nbspis also temporarily closed due to COVID-19. However, the staff of the museum have come to the rescue of anime lovers by releasing a series of videos&nbspoffering a virtual tour of its secretive studio. The studio follows a strict no-photography policy, making these video sneak peeks all the more special.

Here&rsquos what you&rsquoll get to see on this magical ride

The first video takes you to the studio foyer called the Cake House and a room called Space of Wonder. As the camera pans around, you can see stained-glass windows featuring designs and references from Miyazaki&rsquos films, a spectacular ceiling fresco, and beautifully hand-painted walls. If you look close enough, you&rsquoll see famous characters like Mei and Satsuki from My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki, the flying delivery witch from Kiki&rsquos Delivery Service and Nausicaä on her jet glider frolicking in the murals.  

The second video transports you to the museum&rsquos permanent exhibit, The Room Where a Film is Born. This messy but whimsical space is full of fanciful knick-knacks, art, postcards, books and illustrations, all giving you an essence of a Ghibli movie room.  

The third video tour showcases the museum at night, a&nbsprare sight.

The fourth video is a tour of the Mugawara BoshiI or The Straw Hat Café. This pretty café is inspired by Miyazaki&rsquos classic movie Howl&rsquos Moving Castle. You&rsquoll see little tables and chairs, Ghibli-inspired cutlery, and windows tinted with pictures of scenic beauty depicted in various anime movies. Check out the little black burner (Calcifer) in one corner. It refers to the one used in Howl&rsquos Moving Castle.

The last video takes us through the women&rsquos bathroom where the glass windows are tinted with scenes from Kiki&rsquos Delivery Service.

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