Michelin-Starred Restaurant Reopens as Meal Kitchen

Eleven Madison Park, a fine dining mecca in New York, has regrouped to feed first-responders
Fine dining takes a different turn
Fine dining takes a different turn

Eleven Madison Park is one of the world&rsquos best restaurants.  

No, seriously. 

It&rsquos got three Michelin stars, topped The World&rsquos 50 Best Restaurants list in 2017, and has a year-round line of reservations. Diners eagerly wait for their prized lunch and dinner spots, as Chef Daniel Humm and his team dish out multi-course menus. There&rsquos great, botanical-infused cocktails, and much tableside pampering. But how does fine dining remain relevant during a crisis  

Most posh restaurants are struggling to stay afloat, depending on take-away meals and skeletal staff. The Michelin-starred Joan Roca told OT last week how plasticity was the keyword for the industry today, as eateries prep to get back in the game. And one of the first giants to return has been Eleven Madison Park. 

In a recent Instagram post, Humm announced the restaurant would be pivoting its operations to serve first-responders who are battling the COVID-19 crisis. The luxe restaurant has temporarily turned into a commissary kitchen, as chefs cook thousands of meals for emergency workers and the needy. 

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A post shared by Daniel Humm (@danielhumm) on Apr 1, 2020 at 1117am PDT

&ldquoI need to help New York City&mdashit's given so much to me,&rdquo said Humm. &ldquoWe are blessed to have a beautiful and spacious restaurant and kitchen, we have a team that is looking to work, to cook The city needs food to help those in need.&rdquo Humm had earlier shut his doors owing to the pandemic, as is seen from the dark, empty kitchen in the post. 

The team of chefs is working with Rethink Food NYC, a non-profit that distributes excess food to underserved communities, and American Express. About 2,000 meals a day are being packed and shipped across the city. Items inside include chicken rice with roasted cauliflower, and romesco pasta with focaccia bread. 

The restaurant, owned by the Make it Nice hospitality group, has received overwhelming support for its decision. As of today, Humm&rsquos post has over 24,000 likes.

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