The Worlds First 3D-Printed Resort to Open in Summer of 2020

The resort, Kisawa Sanctuary, will be located at Benguerra Island in Mozambique, and will feature many elements created using 3D printing technology
A model of the upcoming resort
A model of the upcoming resort

State-of-the-art 3D printing has become a common feature in many industries in recent years, whether it is recreating cars, instruments or even (potentially) human organs. Now, the technology will bring innovation to the hospitality sector, giving us the world&rsquos first 3D printed resort called Kisawa Sanctuary. No, not the entire structure. The resort will feature many elements that will be created using the process, including furniture, flooring, masonry, tiling and cosmetic designs. 

Situated on Benguerra Island in Mozambique, it will be a luxurious retreat focussing on quality service, but also recognising environmental needs and reducing carbon footprint. It is set to open in the summer of 2020. 

Twelve bungalows sprawling across 300 hectares&mdashwith a private beach, forest and sand dunes&mdashwill be decorated with designs created by the combination of local artisans and 3D tech.

While technology is clearly at the core of its construction, it will also support natural elements. A world class spa will provide specialised Chinese medicine and ayurvedic practices. Other services include a gym, tennis court, four restaurants, and a diving centre for watersports.

Benguerra is the second largest island in the Bazaruto archipelago, which is home to many animals&mdashendangered sea turtles, dugongs, antelopes, butterflies, birds&mdashthat are native to the region. 

The founder Nina Flohr has made it clear&mdashthe resort is a conservation sanctuary first and then a luxury retreat.&ldquoMy mission for Kisawa is to create a level of hospitality and design that, to my knowledge, does not exist today, a place that inspires feelings of freedom and luxury born from nature, space and true privacy,&rdquo she said. &ldquoWe have used design as a tool, not as a style, to ensure Kisawa is integrated, both culturally and environmentally into Mozambique&rdquo.

Prices Around USD 5,714 per night, including 24/7 personal service team, chefs and e-bikes to navigate the resort.

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