Did You Know About These 1 Houses In Bisaccia, Italy

The Italian town of Bisaccia is offering homes for just 1
The old houses of Bisaccia
The old houses of Bisaccia

Buying a home can be challenging, especially if real estate rates are booming. The town of Bisaccia in Italy is every home buyers dream-come-true. A picturesque destination in the southern Campania, it&rsquos the latest town to offer houses for &euro1. 

Bisaccia is putting 90 dilapidated buildings on the market for &euro1, joining other places in Italy trying to save the dying communities by incentivizing people to move there. About 80 miles away from Naples, Bisaccia has suffered from mass emigration and a series of earthquakes, and has consequently lost many residents. The goal is to save the dying area, renovate the buildings and revamp the community. 

As per reports, the town&rsquos deputy mayor stated that the abandoned area spreads throughout the ancient part of the city. The houses are clustered together, arranged one next to the other, lending itself to more communal projects. Some houses even share a common entrance. Reportedly, the mayor is also encouraging buyers to purchase more than one house in order to have a real impact on the community.  

However, this isn&rsquot the first Italian town to put such an offer in the market. Though a number of small Italian towns have made similar deals, this is the first of its kind as there is no minimum investment level or time frame, which has been a common requirement of previous such dealings. 

All the abandoned houses are owned by local authorities and buyers can directly purchase the property from the town.

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