Spanish Company Novameat Reveals Plant-based Steak Made With 3D Printing

The texture of the meat is imitated well due to their patented technology, and the price of the Novameat product will be the same as that of a regular supermarket steak
Vegan meat is a popular dining option in the community (Representative Image)
Vegan meat is a popular dining option in the community (Representative Image)

Veganism, as a trend, has been on the rise since the health and environmental benefits of the same have been made aware to the public. There are many vegan products that have tried to mimic meat, so as to please people&rsquos palettes without bothering their conscience. Spanish-based company Novameat has recently announced the launch of their plant-based steak. The steak includes ingredients that have been used by many vegan companies for their meat-mimic products&mdashpeas, seaweed and beetroot juice are also added. The interesting thing about this product, as opposed to the others, is that it uses 3D printing technology to cut the material and give the dish fine fibers to imitate the muscle tissue and texture of real beef. Thanks to the company&rsquos pantented micro-extrusion technology, the meat can be cut to produce fibers that are between 100 and 500 microns in diameter.

The product will be available in some restaurants across Spain and Italy from 2021. According to reports, the company has found the solution for texture, and now operations are underway to match the taste as well. Another plus point is that a 50 gram steak from Novameat will cost the consumer $1.50, which aligns it with the price of a regular steak at the supermarket.  

The company has also claimed that they can drive the cost of the products down once they begin production in higher volumes. 

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