This Airport Set Up a Christmas Tree Made of Prohibited Items

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The tree was made form items confiscated by the airport staff
The tree was made form items confiscated by the airport staff

Christmas is all about joy, family and cheer. Vilnius airport in Lithuania has taken up a slightly different approach to the festival and created a Christmas tree made out of knives, scissors, bottle openers, nail cutters, lighters and bullets. Odd, isn&rsquot it In actuality, this tree has been set on the terminal to send across a social message to the passengers. Aviation Security of the airport wanted to remind passengers what one should ensure they are not carrying with them. The dangerous elements of the tree are all prohibited items that have been confiscated from the passengers in the past. 

The tree-topper is a star made of blades. It is what the airport has called the &lsquomasterpiece&rsquo. It reminds travellers of the things that should never be seen at an airport. The experiment has been strategically tried out as people travel in enormous numbers during winter. 

The tree has caught a lot of attention on social media owing to its strange appearance.

            &mdash Sir_Doris (@Sir_Doris) December 12, 2019

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