Faroe Islands To Shut Down For Tourists In 2020

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Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands

An enticing archipelago of 18 massive volcanic rocks, set in the North Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Norway and Iceland, the Faroe Islands, makes for the perfect offbeat getaway. Well, that might be changing soon for these largely unspoiled and relatively undiscovered islands. The Visit Faroe Islands authorities have declared 10 most popular tourists sites on the island &lsquoclosed&rsquo for maintenance.

The remote volcanic islands, will be temporarily shut down on account of maintenance in 2020. Though shut only for the weekend (April 15 - April 17, 2020) visitors will still be able to fly in and out of the island and check into hotels. In a bid to maintain the ecosystem and deal with the rampant over tourism, the island will be out of bounds for tourists over the weekend, allowing only 100 volunteers.

Open for voluntourism, the visitors will take part in several maintenance projects that&rsquoll help preserve the islands. While they are expected to bear the expense of the airfare to the islands on confirmation and bring appropriate clothing, suitable to the weather conditions, free accommodation, food and transport will be provided by the VisitFaroeIslands management authorities. . So far their official campaign &lsquoClosed For Maintenance, Open For Voluntourism&rsquo, has recorded an enrollment of 5886 volunteers for 100 slots.

The Denmark governed island nation has witnessed a drastic boom in tourism off late, which has been further fuelled by cheaper flights, newer accommodations and fine dining options. The increasing concerns regarding the impact of over tourism and the public interest in voluntourism, has also added to the development of the campaign.  

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