No More Lines Bengaluru Airport To Introduce Biometric Technology For Immigration

Immigration made easy
A biometric boarding system was already in place at the Bengaluru airport
A biometric boarding system was already in place at the Bengaluru airport

Airports and international travel have mostly been synonymous with long hours of waiting and even longer queues. Well, all your travel woes will be put to rest with the new biometric technology that most airports will be adopting, hopefully in the near future. The BIAL (Bangalore International Airport Pvt. Ltd.) has proposed to install biometric technology for immigration clearance at the Bengaluru airport.

Indian citizens may not have to wait in queues anymore to get their passports stamped for immigration. Biometric technology will be installed for immigration for Indian citizens flying back to the country. Under a unified immigration database, the passport will get stamped digitally and will contain all the information that a physical stamp does. An iris scan or a finger scan may be used to register arrival in the country.  

Pre-exiting biometric technology at the Kempegowda International Airport for paperless self-boarding has been largely successful. With its Digi Yatra project, the airport introduced the biometric system for boarding in order to avoid long queues, enable seamless boarding and for conservation of time. For the same, passengers have to log on to the Digi Yatra website, put in their government approved identification documents and record their biometrics, which will enable them to travel without any documents. Various countries including Britain, China, Japan, Singapore and America have adopted the biometric technology for the convenience of the passengers.

The BIAL aims to extend this same technology for immigration purposes so that passengers don&rsquot have to stand in queues after flying back to the country. Moreover, the technology can also be used for citizens flying abroad. The initiative will first be started at the Bengaluru airport as a proof of concept, and will hopefully be extended to other airports on its success.

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