Manchester Opens Slow Lane For Pedestrians Glued To Phones

Texting while walking will not be a nuisance anymore in Manchester
Manchester opens UK's first slow lane (Representative Image)
Manchester opens UK's first slow lane (Representative Image)

Ever heard of nomophobia A term coined specifically for the millennial generation, it is the growing fear of being without a phone or what is more commonly known as &lsquono mobile phone phobia&rsquo. If you&rsquore wondering why you are being subjected to this random  &lsquopsychology&rsquo lesson, well we have some news for you. Your &lsquounconditional&rsquo love for gadgets might have put you in a tight spot every now and then. Let&rsquos be honest here. How many times have you bumped into someone while walking with your eyes glued to the phone screen Ever crossed a street while texting, without stressing over the fact that a vehicle just might run over you While we do not advocate any such practices, Spinningfields in Manchester has something in store for all you slow walking texters.

An all new &lsquoslow lane&rsquo solely dedicated to those who can&rsquot take their eyes off their smartphones while walking has been introduced in Manchester. Two 75 metre long lanes have been installed in central Manchester along Hardman Boulevard. The pavement has separate markings for smartphone using pedestrians. These lanes have been set up by UK based phone retailer AO Mobiles and the idea behind this move is to prevent people from bumping into each other. 

We agree &lsquotexting pedestrians&rsquo are a nuisance on the streets, thanks to the unsolicited bumping sessions. But, this move sure raises several concerns. Has our technology - obsession reached a new low All of us are guilty of texting and walking on a busy street. But is a separate lane for texters, a solution to this problem While the consequences of this move are still quite unclear, it has opened up a much needed discussion on smartphone addiction and made us reconsider our smartphone habits. 

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