Thinking of Parking on The Highway Think again.

Parking illegally on a highway or service lane could lead to NHAI impounding and auctioning off your vehicle
A car set to auctioned off on the auction block
A car set to auctioned off on the auction block

If there is a moral to be learnt from this story then it&rsquos quite simply making sure you don&rsquot park anywhere where it is unlawful to do so. If, on the other hand, you have always dreamt about buying that first car then your takeaway from this story would be entirely dissimilar, why buy first hand when you can just acquire a second-hand vehicle on the cheap (Leaving some unfortunate soul in a miserable state but then again, it&rsquos not your burden to bear is it). If you happen to be the owner of one such auctioned vehicle, don&rsquot let the guilt get to you That person sealed their own fate when they decided to take the law into their own hands and park illegally, in steps NHAI with their iron fist and wham there goes your car/bike &ndash toodles 

This new-fangled authority has been granted to the NHAI by the Road Transport Ministry in a recent move. Following which NHAI will initially penalize offenders by impounding their vehicles and if the dues are not paid within a week&rsquos time and vehicle claimed, the automobile is subject to be auctioned post that. The sales from the auctioning of vehicles will then in turn recompense NHAI for impounding and additional costs.   

At present the Road Transport Ministry is working on standard operating procedures and complexities such as the penalty to be levied, the guidelines for the trials of violators and other such vital information. Furthermore, NHAI will be bestowed additional powers, such as removal of unauthorized structures/signboards, recovery of cost of removal of unauthorized occupation, temporary closure of traffic on highways and the power to regulate or divert traffic on the highway.  

While NHAI is set to be handed these momentous powers, presently, they do not have the authority to impound illegally parked vehicles. Hence, don&rsquot be astonished if NHAI decide to wield this power like a person with a gun in a knife fight. Ashok Sharma, NHAI Project Director and Highway Administrator of Gurugram expounded, &ldquoUnder Section 24 and 27 of the Control of National Highways (Land and Traffic) Act, 2002, all project directors can take decisions on issues related to maintenance of land and traffic management on highways.   

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