Beach of Palma de Mallorca
Beach of Palma de Mallorca

Spains First Female Only Hotel In Mallorca

Planning your next girls - only' trip Head to Spain now

Let&rsquos be honest here. Travelling with our girl gang has always been on the bucket list of most women. But the endless trail of questions like &ldquoaren&rsquot you afraid&rdquo and &ldquois it safe&rdquo keep popping in your head and more often than not, these plans end up getting cancelled. Be it solo or with your girlfriends, travelling for women just keeps getting harder and harder. First, the tedious task of narrowing down a destination and in addition to that, the stress of looking for an accommodation that is comfortable yet safe, is probably one of the biggest challenges that women travellers safe. Well, we have some good news. Women travellers to Spain can now enjoy the luxury of a hotel designed exclusively for women.

The Som Dona Hotel located in Porto Cristo on Mallorca&rsquos west coast, is all set to welcome female guests over the age of 14. With 39 tastefully decorated rooms, the hotel offers pool facilities, free wifi, healthy cuisine, spa, live music and a bar. Distinctly feminine design, in terms of colour and decor, the Som Dona Hotel also offers amenities like women - focussed fitness classes and wine tasting sessions. 

The idea behind the hotel was to provide women travellers a safe space. The hotel management plans to bring in more female employees to cater to the female audience. According to reports, the hotel's president Joan Enric Capella stated that they want most employees possible to be women and to give a certain visibility to women doing traditionally masculine jobs. 

In terms of menu, the hotel focuses on whipping up healthy dishes using organic, seasonal and local produce. Not far from Playa De Porto Cristo beach, the property has been thrown open to public bookings since June. In addition to housing solo women travellers, Som Dona Hotel also offers packages in order to bring women travellers together to socialize and explore the culture and heritage of Mallorca.

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