Bengaluru Gets Its First Robot Restaurant

Bengalurus Indiranagar is now home to the citys first robot restaurant
Bangalore's first robot restaurant will have 6 robots in charge of food service (Representational Image)
Bangalore's first robot restaurant will have 6 robots in charge of food service (Representational Image)

We knew that there wasn&rsquot much time left before robots started taking over and an ultra tech dining experience is exactly what we were rooting for. Well, the wait is over now, as Bengaluru has finally opened the doors for the city&rsquos first &lsquoRobot Restaurant&rsquo.

Located in 100ft road, Indiranagar, the restaurant will serve a variety of cuisines from Indian to Chinese to Thai and also a wide selection of exotic mocktails. In this 100 seater restaurant each table will be equipped with a tablet on which the guests can place their order. A team consisting of 6 robots including 1 usher and 5 bearers will serve the food once ready. This restaurant will be manned by female robots each sporting a name tag and colourful scarves. Sprawling across an area of 3,700 sq ft, the restaurant has been designed to provide extra space between aisles in order to ease navigation for the robots.

According to Business Line, founder Venkatesh Rajendran claimed that these Android robots will greet the guests at the entrance, guide them to the tables and will have built in facial recognition technology. The robots have also been programmed to sing birthday wishes in case of special occasions.  

The first robot restaurant was launched in 2017 in Chennai and as per reports by Business Line, after a roaring success in Chennai and Coimbatore Venkatesh Rajendran said that he was confident that Bengaluru would welcome them with open arms

To add on to the futuristic experience, soups and starters will be served on mini trains that roll on mini tracks along the tables. Well, we are excited to grab a bite at this high tech culinary feast. What about you

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