New York Citys Largest State Park Opens up in Brooklyn

In an attempt to promote outdoor activities, NYCs new state park introduces impressive facilities and an even better view
NYC celebrates the inauguration of Shirley Chisholm State Park (Representative Image)
NYC celebrates the inauguration of Shirley Chisholm State Park (Representative Image)

Cloudless skies, a spread of sandwiches and lemonade, a friendly game of frisbee and a light read why not trade in the overdone routine of binge-watching Netflix for a relaxing day at the park Especially a brand new one, yet to explore. New York City&rsquos largest state park is now open to public use, just a brisk walk away for all Brooklyn residents. Sprawling across a massive 407 acres, Shirley Chisholm state park is named after the first African-American woman ever elected to congress.  With a bayside pier and a 10-mile trail dedicated to hiking and trekking, people can participate in active exercises or just gawk at the panoramic view of the Empire State Building over their picnic spread. Additionally, the park also has waterfront access for those who want to try their hand at kayaking. 

The state park received generous funding of $20 million under the first phase of Governor Andrew Cuomo&rsquos Vital Brooklyn Initiative. The second phase will potentially feature amphitheatres for live performances, environmental education centres, and a connector Bridge linking Pennsylvania and Fountain properties. It is a part of the state&rsquos efforts to build 34 new and improved parks, community gardens, playgrounds, and recreation centres within 10 minutes distance for Central Brooklyn residents. Public meetings to discuss the design of phase 2 will begin in the fall of 2019, which is expected to be completed in 2020 and 2021.

According to the governor, state parks are central to New York&rsquos thriving economy as these state-of-the-art natural treasures attract millions of tourists, as well as New Yorkers for entertainment, exercise and community engagement. He added that this investment will significantly enhance the facilities of the state parks, promote outdoor activities and lift up the local economy.

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