5 Travel Jackets for Those Constantly On-The-Go

Bored of lugging around your jacket while travelling Ditch your classic jacket for something with a twist
Travel lighter with these 5 jackets
Travel lighter with these 5 jackets

The life of a traveller is often devoid of plush and luxurious facilities which is why it is important to live a minimalist life. Utility must take over what was aesthetically enamouring. However, the existence of some items amalgamate the two needs to make it a perfect combination of comfort and practicality. While travel jackets are required for comfort and warmth, they can be rather bulky and hard to store. However, these -- multi-use jackets convert the jacket into useful items for those who are on the go. Check out our list to pick a jacket for your need.

Turn your jacket into a handy bag

What could be better than an extra storage facility when you are constantly on the run These two jackets can be inverted to make two-strapped bags when not needed for protection against frosty or windy weather.

For those who refuse to compromise on style can opt for the higher end Morgan Rae Moto Jacket by Covert NYC. A women&rsquos faux leather jacket, this outerwear folds back into a little bag and also can be two-strapped or single-strapped with its slim sleeves.

Price $175

You can purchase it through their official website.

The Dryflip jacket by Quickflip Apparel is a water resistant jacket that can transition into a bag using their patent pending Quickflip Conversion Technology. The bag has two storage compartments and also allows one to adjust the straps. The revolutionary bag even featured on the popular TV show Shark Tank

Price $69.95

You can purchase it through Amazon.com or their official website

Both these jackets are meant to be hand washed and hung to dry. Please ensure proper care of the jacket in order to prolong performance.

Rest your neck on your jacket

For those who are constantly cracking their necks on long plane or train rides, this might be an item to purchase immediately. Resistant to the cold, this comfortable puffer jacket condenses into a neck pillow when manually reversed.

The Patrol Reversible Packable Travel Puffer Jacket by TUMI is an ideal outerwear for those who are always stuck on airplane rides. A hidden pouch in the collar of the jacket helps compress the jacket into a neck pillow. The product is also extremely lightweight and made out of nylon and down feathers to ensure insulation. The materials are responsibly sourced by organisations following the Responsible Down Standard and ethical standards are followed by the company making this an ideal choice.

Price $116.92 - $195 (On Amazon)

You can purchase this item at Amazon.com or visit their official website.

Camp in your jacket

School curriculums often introduce children to camping and travelling with an additional sleeping bag with an already bulky rucksack can be difficult. For those who grew up to love camping have gotten used to the heft of the luggage but now there is an alternative to the complicated set they need to carry. The following jacket can literally be used as a sleeping bag too. Whether you want to just cover your back or take a nap, there is no need to add or lose any clothing.

The Camping Mummy Sleeping Bag by OUTERDO helps one turn their body suit/jacket into a complete sleeping bag with zippers and a human form shape. Not only is it windproof and waterproof, but also is comfortable for outdoor activities and relaxation. The material is nylon but is still stretchy and soft. For couples, two single sleeping bags can be combined for a king size experience.

Price $58.48

Purchase this item on Amazon.com or their official website.

Store all your goods within a lean jacket

Ever travelled with uncountable tidbits with not enough storage place You wouldn&rsquot be the first one. It is common for people to bring more than a handful of products and then either struggle with it in their hands or throw it in an oversized bag that mixes all the products in a giant bag of products. We suggest getting organised with a slim-look jacket that contains an astonishing 25 pockets

Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men by SCOTTeVEST promises you the ultimate storage outerwear with a smart look. The cotton-blend, teflon treated material is very appropriate for warm or moderate weather. You could store anything from keys to a complete laptop or tablet in the pockets Try it out if you wish to reduce on luggage count. The sleeves are also detachable in case you feel too warm in it.

Price $140

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