Gearbox The Best of April

This time around while booking your tickets, here are a few items that you must carry with when travelling to your dream destinations


We do not know whether it&rsquos the German obsession with quality, but Leica sets a fresh benchmark with every new offering. The luxury camera manufacturer&rsquos Q2 is no different. Maintaining the elegant design of its predecessor, it comes with an innovative 28mm f/1.7 OLED electronic viewfinder and an aspheric prime lens. The model also presents a first-in-its-class protective sealing against dust and water, and features a 47.3 megapixel full-frame sensor that allows 4K video at ISO sensitivities up to 50,000. The f/1.7 makes the camera a perfect companion for architectural, landscape and portrait photography. The autofocus feature is also top-notch. It takes just 0.15 seconds&mdashone of the fastest in its class&mdashfor the camera to sharply focus on an object. With Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) technology, the camera is always connected to a smartphone without eating too much into its battery life. (Approx. INR 3,50,000


If there is anyone who gets the hype for Game of Thrones&rsquo last season, it is Adidas with their limited edition Ultraboost sneakers. The six variants are inspired by GoT houses and their colours. Whether you are rooting for the Starks, the Targaryens, or even the Army of the Dead, you can declare for your house in style. (From INR 13,800


Here&rsquos a gadget you do not have to keep away from your children. In fact, it is meant for them to use, and you&rsquoll be glad to find it on their wrists. Ojoy&rsquos new A1 smartwatch comes with a Snapdragon processor, a nano-sim slot, wifi connectivity, a 1.4-inch retina display with gorilla glass, a front camera, water resistance, a magnetic charging slot and two colour variants. And, yes, it allows you to monitor your child&rsquos health and location too. With microphone and speakers attached, the user can make and answer calls on the go. Parents need to install the Ojoy app on their phone to keep track of their kids&rsquo activities and whereabouts. There&rsquos also a feature that alerts the parents in case their children go beyond the set radius. The watch comes with a good battery life that lasts for a day on full charge. It has an SOS button too. (INR 12,999


Chemical free, hygienic and eco-friendly, Azah is here to make your period troubles just a bit easy. This Indian brand of sanitary pads is perfect for women travellers. The product is made of paper and 100 per cent organic cotton, which means it is extra soft, dry and comfortable. The biodegradable bags that come along make disposal so much easier for the woman on the go. (From INR 239 for a box of 12


Are you bored of the same generic backpacks and duffle bags Strutt is your answer. Its all-new range of luxury leather bags come in genuine leather, and in unprecedented colours and styles. This way, they serve many purposes whether for business travellers headed for meetings, or holiday-makers going away for the weekend. The range also includes laptop bags and sling bags and presents plenty of variants for men and women. (From &nbspINR 1,500

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