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the national museum of Qatar showcasing the cultural heritage of Qatar through its exhibits
A view of the National Museum of Qatar in the night Sky
A view of the National Museum of Qatar in the night Sky

There is now a new item to tick off your list of places to visit in Qatar. We're talking about the National Museum of Qatar that has opened in the Qatari capital, Doha today. The museum, situated across the Qatar&nbspCorniche, has been designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning French architect, Jean Nouvel. Made in the colours of the sand and inspired by the beautiful desert rose, the multifaceted structure sure does attract the attention of by-passers and tourists as well.

Culture connects people from all over the world and the museum does too, with its three major interrelated themes. Visitors will experience and witness the natural history of the desert and the Persian Gulf, view&nbspartefacts from the Bedouin culture, learn about the historic establishment of the Qatari state and know more about the discovery of oil in chronological order. the visitors are sure in for a cultural and historic retreat of Qatar.

The spectacular 52,000 square meter museum also includes a 220-seat auditorium, a research centre, laboratories, a dedicated food forum, two restaurants, a café and a museum shop to make your experience more worthwhile.&nbspPlus, in case you need more contest,&nbspthere are videos of the important cultural happenings of the country played on a loop.

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