A Mummified Peek Into the Past

Unravel Egypt's glorious but mysterious past with this recent discovery
Egyptian mummy close up detail with hieroglyphs background
Egyptian mummy close up detail with hieroglyphs background

The Pyramids of Giza are a place of inspiration and marvel holding mysteries of the past that intrigue our interests. One of the seven wonders of the world and a&nbspmeasure of masterful engineering the pyramids were immensely important to the legitimacy of the Egyptian pharaohs.&nbspThe great structures remain strongly intact almost four thousands years since their establishment. Whether it be the creepy corridors, the cob-webbed rooms or even the hieroglyphic script that decorates the pyramid walls - thousands flock to the Great Pyramids every day.

And in a recent discovery, archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered a Pharaonic tomb containing 50 mummies dating back to 320 BCE in a site just south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Good new, I bet for you curious historians. The identities of the mummies, though, are still unknown with 12 of them being said to be of children. Unearthed from four deep burial chambers, the archaeologists suggest that these bodies were of important government officials since no names written in the hieroglyphic script were found nearby.

A major discovery in course for understanding the functionalities of the old worlds, the site has already garnered quite a lot of eyeballs. Read ancient Egyptian texts and feel the weight of the past on an unforgettable trip to one of mankind's greatest wonders. 

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