Dead But Good

Leave your worst fears behind as you enter this extraordinary Body Worlds exhibition at the London Pavilion
A display of a dead corpse playing basketball
A display of a dead corpse playing basketball

Ever wondered what's it like to have a staring competition with a dead corpse Okay, probably not, but have you ever shivers down your spine as your walk through a creepy moor feeling as there are a thousand eyes on you Well, the weird gets weirder at the Body Worlds&nbspexhibition in London. Dispersed over three floors that were once home to Ripley's Believe It or Not, this unique exhibition showcases internal organs on full display.

From two bodies having sex in mid-air to the insides of a horse and a poker playing trio, there is nothing at this museum that you'll have ever seen before. An audio guide is given to you at the top floor, where the exhibition starts. The bodies are preserved in such an astounding shape through a process called plastination. 

Though, this might have scared you, the museum can be quite informational. The displays here showcase a smoker&rsquos heart and lungs and what a fatty liver looks like. At one stage of this exhibition, you&rsquoll be able to measure your blood pressure. &nbspOne of the most interesting questions the exhibition answers is the idea regarding happiness. Is it a constant pursuit or a state of mind

The display ends on a strong note where the audience is asked to answer one tantalizing question What would you like to do before you die

Getting there London Pavilion, 1 Piccadilly Circus, London W1J 0DA.

Opening hours

  • Sunday - Thursday 930am - 7pm,
  • Friday - Saturday 930am - 9pm.

Prices &pound24.50 for adults

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