Bollywood's Sara Ali Khan Speaks About Her Love For Travel

From wanting to travel to Ladakh to the deep corners of Eastern Europe, Sara Ali Khan explains what she has learned from traveling and describes her favorite vacation spots.
Harrods in London is one of Sara's favourite places
Harrods in London is one of Sara's favourite places

What does a holiday mean to you

A time to chill. Earlier, when I had no care in the world, it was all about eating and sleeping. But I cannot indulge my taste buds like that anymore. I have to be responsible. Similarly, I cannot have all the fun in the sun for the fear of getting tanned.

Did you travel when you studied in the US

Yes The US was a party for me. While I was studying history and politics at Columbia University, it gave me a chance to broaden my world view. I met so many different people and travelled so much. I think travel is important. The kind of learning you get from travel&mdashthe growth&mdashno amount of education gives you that kind of exposure. When I shot for Kedarnath in Kedarnath, I was overwhelmed. One had heard about the tragedy and knew about it through news. But to be there and hear of it from the locals was completely different. I feel the best way to know a place is to actually go there.

What do you do when you go to a new place

Like I mentioned, I interact a lot with locals. Like when I went to Vaishno Devi, I struck up a fascinating conversation with the man whose pony I was taking to ride up to the shrine. I also love walking around a new place.

Your favourite vacation spots

The US because it was the first region I explored extensively. London for the multiple experiences it offers. I love Ladur&eacutee at Harrods. Even if I can&rsquot eat half the stuff, I just feast my eyes on the macarons and cakes. I love Dubai for the shopping. We shot a bit of Simmba in Switzerland. My dad loves the place and often raves about it. In India, I love Goa. But I have also discovered a new-found fascination for the mountains.

What do you pack in your luggage

Lots of clothes, a lot of music, some books and my laptop. I always pack my own luggage for fear that someone may omit something.

What do you bring back from your holidays

Hats, bags and shoes are my guilty indulgences. I am making plans to go shopping with Kareena (Kapoor Khan) soon.

Which are the places you would like to visit

I want to go to Ladakh, and while I&rsquom there, I&rsquod also like to visit Kashmir. Abroad, I want to travel to South Africa and also explore Eastern Europe.

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