Hiatus Kaiyote to headline at the Jazz India Circuit International Festival Goa

If you are a jazz fan then you'll want to be in Goa in December, for Hiatus Kaiyote, the Grammy nominated future soul band quartet, will be there
A jazz performance
A jazz performance

Head to Goa this December 1-2 for a very good reason&mdashGrammy nominated quartet Hiatus Kaiyote is performing in India for the first time at the Jazz India Circuit International Festival Goa. Teamwork Arts&rsquo Jazz India Circuit will feature contemporary jazz musicians from India and other parts of the world.

Jazz has come a long way from Louis Daniel Armstrong to Nat King Cole to contemporary artists who are constantly trying to keep it real while adding new layers to the genre. The Jazz Circuit International Festival Goa is a funky celebration of jazz alongside other genres like punk, funk hip-hop and R&ampB. The star of the festival, Hiatus Kaiyote is a two-time Grammy-nominated Australian soul quartet and they are ready to headline the festival. Indian and international artists like Jerome Klein from Luxembourg, Lester Godinho from Goa, OZMA&mdashone of Europe&rsquos finest jazz groups, Indian star Rhythm Shaw along with his band Orjazzmic, Supergombo from France and WorldService Project, a popular British punk-jazz group, are going to share the stage with Hiatus Kaiyo. Hiatus Kaiyote, the quartet from Melbourne, has Naomi &ldquoNai Palm&rdquo Saalfield on vocals and guitar, Paul Bender on bass, Simon Mavin on keyboards and Perrin Moss on drums and percussion.

Jerome Klein is all set to bring his usual energy-filled performance Lester Godinho, a master in eclectic mix of pop, rock, funk, jazz, fusion, Western/Indian classical, opera and hip hop to name a few OZMA the 15-year-old quintet with an eclectic mix of jazz and trance India&rsquos favourite guitar prodigy Rhythm Shaw and his band Orjazzmic master of Afrofunk, Supergombo and WorldService Project, the leading specialists of Brit &lsquopunk-jazz&rsquo&mdashnow these are what all great jazz music festivals are made of.

The Information
Jazz India Circuit International Festival Goa December 1-2 , 2018
Where International Centre Goa (ICG) Panjim
Entry Tickets available here
Early Bird Prices &ndash Single Day @INR1,200/- , Festival Pass @INR1,750/-
Full Price &ndash Single Day @INR1,600/-, Festival Pass @INR2,100/-

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