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Organise and make your travels hassle free with WorldMate app
App Watch WorldMate
App Watch WorldMate

If you have ever wished fora travel assis&shytant, you might have just gotten lucky. World&shyMate functions effectively as a one-stop travel assistant to try and make your travels as hassle free as possible. This app organises your trips, provides you flight alerts and provides many other useful travel services. Users of the app can book hotels, rent cars, manage their itinerary and even look up weather forecasts for the next few days, check currency conversion rates and much else, all at the same place. Registered users have to forward their confirmation emails to the WorldMate app. The app then automatically cre&shyates the travel itinerary via its Itinerary Manager. What is really helpful is that it provides full trip details such as the exact terminal at an airport and even the departure gate number&mdashespecially useful at an unfamiliar airport or when you are short of time.

The app also has relevant phone numbers and addresses, just in case you need to call. A Travel Widget allows you to view the next item on your trip right from the device&rsquos home screen. The app also has a hotel booking facility which, besides room rents, also notifies you of price drops and saving opportunities. The hotel booking facility also comes with a map view, invaluable for those on a tight schedule. The app also has car rentals listed at hundreds of airports around the world. And, just in case you are feeling nostalgic, there are past trips details too A note of caution some of these services are part of the in-app purchas&shyes, as part of the premium service.

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