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It's mural madness in Delhi. Don't believe us Go see for yourself at Start's Lodhi Art Festival
One of the as-good-as-they-get murals at the Lodhi Art Festival
One of the as-good-as-they-get murals at the Lodhi Art Festival

There is always a buzz of activity in the capital but when a district is converted into an open-air art space in the city, we can&rsquot not talk about it. Start&rsquos Lodhi Art Festival, that started in January and will go on till mid-March, is here to shake things up. The festival recognises how technology is changing the world and embraces it, using multimedia, social media and virtual reality, to make art more experiential and interactive. It is quite simple, really art must not be limited to galleries only for the elite, but be pushed out on the streets for the world to enjoy and reflect on. Culturally inclusive and diverse, the festival sees over 30 artists, musicians and performers to create an urban art experience. Stepping out of the confines of a canvas, the 20 planned murals in the Lodhi district comment on several social issues. In February, they started with F(r)iction, at KONA in Jor Bagh, where things were a bit more site-specific with art workshops and pop-ups for radio, vinyl and zines. Phase one of F(r)iction also included a collaboration with artists from Singapore. From this month, they have planned curated walks, workshops, seminars and a Women&rsquos Day celebration on March 8. Get your tickets for the walks, tours and galleries at insider.in.

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