Sri Lanka Reopens Borders to Tourists. Here are the Rules of Entry

PCR tests, limited vacation spots, restrictions on meeting locals, and more. Read on to know more about the rules before you plan a quarantine-free trip to the island country
Sri Lanka reopened to tourists after 10 months
Sri Lanka reopened to tourists after 10 months

Tthe Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has promised a &ldquosafe and secure&rdquo visit to the  country, albeit with several rules and regulations in place such limited vacation spots, mandatory PCR tests just before boarding, and restrictions on meeting locals.

These have been implemented for the safety of locals as well as tourism stakeholders.

The idea emerged from the information drawn during a 'pilot project' in December when Sri Lanka was host to 185 Ukrainian tourists out of whom, six tested positive for COVID19 after they stepped foot into the country. The Sri Lankan government had been criticised by its citizens for putting the locals in harm&rsquos way by opening its borders to the world. The latest news reported by health authorities state that the 'UK variant' has entered the island nation.

Here are the rules in a nutshell

If you are planning a trip, you need to apply for a visa online through the mobile app Visit Sri Lanka.

The PCR test will have to be done 96 hours before boarding. Once you arrive, two more PCR tests will be conducted within the time period of your check-in and a 14-day limited vacation.

You will need to pre-book these facilities and have proper travel insurance of $12 (Rs875) for a policy that is of $50,000 (Rs36 lakh) for a month.

Choose a stay in Level 1 hotels which follow the ultimate COVID19 protocols.

Limited spots such as Yala National Park and the Sigiriya Fortress will be available for exploration.

Wear a mask, avoid crowds and use different modes of contactless payment while travelling, and you are all set.

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