Parents Travel To South Africa Stress-Free

Do you happen to be one of the hapless souls who spent a small fortune on flight tickets to South Africa but were turned back for not carrying your childrens birth certificate or letter of consent from your better half
Mother with her baby
Mother with her baby

Often referred to as the &lsquoworld in one country&rsquo, South Africa has much to offer tourists, especially when it comes to landscape and picturesque views. As many of you globe trotters would well know that the country in the southernmost tip of the African continent is highly regarded for its natural beauty. From the Misty mountains of Magoebaskloof to Sodwana Bay&rsquos Seven Mile reef there is much that will leave you entranced.

However, unknowing tourists have been facing a tough time due to the regulations that were introduced in June, 2015 that stipulate parents travelling with children under the age of 18 must supply their entire birth certificate that showcases the names of both parents. While lone adults travelling to the African nation must furnish consent from their non-travelling partner by way of a signed affidavit. These stern and choas causing rules were set in place to curb child trafficking.

Nonetheless, in a bid to increase tourism, the Department of Home Affairs has relaxed these rules for foreigners who visit South Africa with children. As it was announced that parental consent for minors to travel is no longer required, although, it is strongly recommended for parents to carry this documentation. Rather than being refused entry where documentation is not present, travellers will be given elbow room to authenticate parental consent. 

Mkuseli Apleni, the department's&nbspdirector general, said the &ldquoHome affairs is working jointly with the national department of tourism to ensure the regulations are amended&rdquo. While Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba was delighted that the issue was being managed while taking into account all the stakeholders. 

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