Is Sound Walks the Future of Travel

All of us have struggled to come to terms with the lack of exposure to the great outdoors. Looks like sound walks are the new way to travel
The Leeds Castle
The Leeds Castle

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives by a huge margin. Be it travel, education or healthcare, technology-driven solutions are coming handy to beat the lockdown blues. Sound Walks are the latest offering on the block. A soundwalk can be a lot of things. It can be experienced on an actual walk, guiding you through a live excursion, or can be listened to as a standalone piece in the comfort of your home. 

365 Leeds Stories, a community project based in Leeds has come up with &lsquoA Garden Through Time&rsquo, an immersive geographically localised audio-walk, available through the Echoes App. The GPS on the phone tracks your location and movements and triggers music, sound and speech. You can listen to Pauline Meyers, a local artist, talk about the flora and fauna in Britain&rsquos zoological and botanical gardens. The audio tour is insightful, engaging and accurately rooted in the surroundings.

According to Andrew Stuck, the co-founder of Sound Walk September, each year people from Japan, Belgium and Brazil submit sound walks similar to &lsquoA Garden Through Time&rsquo to the Walk Listen Create platform. Though there are several challenges of producing sound walks during a pandemic, the entries have interestingly quadrupled this year. These walks have been designed to be experienced in isolation. The line up this year includes performative art, reportage and travelogue.

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