Reach The Train Station 20 Minutes Early To Check In

Soon, the early bird will catch the train
Reach The Train Station 20 Minutes Early To Check In
Reach The Train Station 20 Minutes Early To Check In

Latecomers and last-minute packers will soon need to buck up, at least while travelling on the Indian Railways. Word has it that soon, just like at airports, passengers will be required to arrive at the railway station 20 minutes before the departure time. Indian Railways is implementing this new &lsquocheck in&rsquo time period to allow for the increased security that will be implemented.

As per PTI reports, there will be an increase in the security system as per the Integrated Security System (ISS), which was introduced in 2016, to increase security at 202 stations in India. &ldquoAt each entry point, there will be random security checks. However, unlike at airports, passengers need not come hours in advance, but just 15-20 minutes ahead of their departure times to ensure that they are not delayed because of the security process," said Railway Protection Force Director General Arun Kumar.

The new security systems will include CCTC, bomb detection and disposal systems and a personal and baggage screening system. The checking will not take place for every passenger, but randomly for every 8th or 9th passenger entering the station. The first of the new &lsquocheck in&rsquo timings will be implemented at Allahabad railway station, hoping to curtail the rush of the upcoming Kumbh Mela. The next station in line is Hubli in Karnataka.   

Gone will be the days of rushing into your coach 5 minutes your train is due to leave, but it&rsquos probably only for the better. 

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