This Interactive Tool Maps Country-Specific Coronavirus Trends

This tool indicates coronavirus rates, medical protocols, and quarantine measures unique to each country in the world
A colour coded map now shows recent coronavirus trends
A colour coded map now shows recent coronavirus trends

Planning an international trip against the backdrop of a global pandemic can get excessively bewildering. Each country&rsquos approach toward combating the coronavirus fluctuates and changes every so often. With rules and regulations undergoing transitions every day, it is quite a task to forage for country-specific information on the internet. 

In order to mitigate this, Skyscanner has launched a colour-coded map that presents to viewers a comprehensive layout of individual countries&rsquo current stance with regard to the pandemic. 

&ldquoPeople want to travel and we know there is pent-up demand from the searches we are seeing for flights and for more information but confidence has been hit by the lack of consistency between countries worldwide regarding measures and restrictions,&rdquo Jo McClintock, Skyscanner&rsquos senior director of global marketing, brand, and content, said in a statement. &ldquoConsumers just do not understand the complex rules and are crying out for transparent, detailed information.&rdquo

The beginnings of this initiative were rooted in a survey that Skyscanner conducted to comprehend Americans&rsquo attitudes pertaining to travel restrictions. Out of the 1,000 people surveyed, its results showcased that more than half the respondents (51%) weren&rsquot aware of the countries that permitted travelling, and those that didn&rsquot. 

Launched in November, Skyscanner&rsquos interactive map, accessible through their homepage, is fractionated into three colours. Red patches indicate countries that are off-limits green patches indicate those that are open to travel and yellow patches insinuate that a country might be an option. Grey patches hint at countries whose data hasn&rsquot been acquired yet. 

The map also displays coronavirus rates, quarantine measures, and medical protocols distinct to each country. All you have to do is click on the country on your radar, or scroll to the bottom to find a list of countries you can access, and how. You can also sign up with them in order to receive email updates as and when a country&rsquos restrictions change. 

The tool, which employs information from the International Air Transport Association, also allows you to set your place of origin hence, restrictions exclusive to your country are presented to you. 

For the USA, much of the map is red. 

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