A Website That Lets You Sightsee From Your Couch

Travel By Drone is a website that lets you get a birds eye view of a quaint English town or Norway's fjords using geotagged videos
Travel by Drone gives a bird's-eye view of the world
Travel by Drone gives a bird's-eye view of the world

Let&rsquos face it&mdashwhile we&rsquod love an alpine getaway or an indulgent beach visit, most of us don&rsquot get a break from the &lsquool ball and chain. Luckily, our more free-spirited friends can lend a helping hand. Sourced by a community that includes surfers, kiteboarders and even students, Travel by Drone is a website that offers a bird&rsquos eye view of the world, right from the comfort of home.

Registered drone pilots share thousands of edited videos from across the globe,  with their uploads geotagged on an interactive world map. From the rolling hills and calm seas of Sindo Island in South Korea to the mist-covered fjords of Vanylven in Norway, visitors are left  with some considerable wanderlust.

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